Must Try Food Hunt Games With Your Pet Fido

Are you having a hard time trying to make your pet pup eat food? If yes, consider pepping up meal time with some food games.

It is not uncommon for furry pets to get bored of eating the same food from the same bowl over a period. The monotony associated with finishing meals can be a reason enough for your furry baby to give up on them.

Eating disinterest can quickly lead to appetite loss and related health issues. If your pupper hasn’t been eating well lately, it is probably time to consult your vet for a health examination. The vet may run specific tests to determine the reason for stylesrant fur kid’s poor eating habits and consequent health problems and suggest remedies accordingly.

At the same time, consider being equipped with pet insurance NZ so you are more prepared to handle vet costs during distressing health circumstances and medical emergencies. Contemplate purchasing dog insurance; however, read this article to learn some food hunt games that can help with feeding your pet successfully.

Food hunt games

Make mealtime more attractive for your pup through fun food-hunting games. This way, your furry precious will look forward to more meal sessions and eating food.

Involve household members, including other fur babies (in a multi-pet scenario), to invoke competitive spirit in your furry young one and reward it with exciting food prizes for active participation.

Try the below games so your poochie raises its right paw up when you say food next time.

#1 If you plan on feeding dry kibble, this could be the perfect game to get the food into your pesky pet’s mouth. Have some pieces of dry food or treats in your hand, then allow your fur child to look at them and sniff them.

Once this is done, ask your pup to wait and toss a piece in the air so it catches them at the tvboxbee second and eats it. In a multi-pet household, one needs to throw many pieces of dry food so every pup can get a piece and feel rewarded.

#2 Keep your four paws on a leash or give it a sit-stay command to ensure it doesn’t move from the spot. After you do this, hide some treats in easy-to-find places like on the couch, near the chair’s leg, beside the table, and in other areas where your pet is likely to find them. Once all this is set, give your pup the “Find it” command so it runs to collect the food treasures.

#3 You can amp up the food hunt game by hiding food inside and outside the home. To complicate the game, keep your pet confined to a room or crate before releasing it to find the hidden food items therightmessages.

#4 Leave a food trail for your pup, so it curiously follows it to reach a high-value food item eventually. A bowl of wet food, favorite snacks, pupcakes, and creams are some things you can consider keeping at the trail’s end.

While the above-listed ones are some of the most incredible food hunt games, you can develop your own variations depending on your puppy’s gaming and eating preferences. Simultaneously, consider being prepared with pet insurance in NZ so your frisky pet is covered for basic health care at all times. Contemplate purchasing dog insurance because every furry baby deserves to be a health champion with every chance at happiness.

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