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Top Tips For The Perfect Bathroom Renovation

Has it been a while since you renovated your bathroom? If yes, then you are in the right place. Although bathroom renovations in Sydney are a sizeable investment, they will yield returns for years to come.

With Australians spending over AUD 1 billion in home renovations every month, the renovations market is flourishing. There are a wide variety of options in the market, and choosing the right look for your soon-to-be renovated bathroom can be quite overwhelming.

If you are a Sydney homeowner facing the same issue, fret now! This article will brief you on the top tips you need to remember while renovating your bathroom. Read on!

Some signs that your bathroom needs renovation

Before proceeding to the tips, here are some sure signs that you need to renovate your bathroom now:

  • You aren’t satisfied with your current bathroom space.
  • You want to bring fresh designs and styles into your home.
  • The current fixtures and finishes in your bathroom are out of style.
  • Its been over five to ten years since you last renovated your bathroom.
  • You are a new renter planning to stay in that house for a long time.
  • Your bathroom doesn’t match the current home renovation trends.

Top tips to help you renovate your bathroom with ease

Here are some top tips for renovating your bathroom the best you can:

1. Don’t try to put in too many fixtures

Did your previous bathroom seem too small? Well, it is maybe because there were too many fixtures attached. The space might seem too crowded and needs to be decluttered.

So while going fixture shopping, strike a balance between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. Keep your bathroom space free of clutter so you can move around without hitting yourself.

For instance, you can go for a fully frameless shower paired with a compact toilet design.

2. Incorporate smart lighting

If you are playing around with the bathroom, incorporate smart lighting. This is especially useful if you have a small bathroom space. You don’t need the big light bulbs and pendants hanging from the ceiling.

You can install sleek, smart LEDs for better design, lighting, and ambience.

3. Plan your bathroom layout well

Before picking out the fixtures and lights, make sure you plan the renovation layout well. If your existing layout works, don’t make too many changes. Simply replace what is outdated, and make your bathroom shine again.

Keep in mind that the fewer alterations you make, the lower renovation costs you will incur.

4. Keep bathroom ventilation in mind

Ventilation is something you might skip out on while redoing your bathroom. This aspect is important if you want the renovation to last for years. You can put up a fan and timer (equipped with a motion sensor). This will ensure the indoor air quality is optimum at all times.

You also need to ensure that the shower panels leave enough room for proper ventilation throughout the bathroom.

Wrapping up

Here are the top tips for performing the perfect bathroom renovations in Sydney. Find a trusted Sydney-based renovations company, and lay out your renovations plans well.

Once they have understood your specific needs and wants, they will offer you various approaches they can take to beautify your bathroom. Go with your gut and renovate your bathroom to complement the beautiful aesthetic of your home.

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