Things to consider while choosing skirts for summer

Summer is the season associated with humidity and heat. The clothing in summer has to be made from cotton and other sweat absorbent material. Summer skirts are mostly made of cotton, which provides comfort to the person wearing it. They provide a breezy and cooling sensation as the legs are not covered completely. Skirts do not stick to the legs, unlike pants and shorts.

Importance of sweat absorbent material

Wearing clothes that are sweat absorbent prevent the itching sensation caused by sweat. In summers, sweat rashes are common. This is because many people do not wear sweat-absorbent and light clothes. Skirts also reduce heat from the body.

Cotton is sweat absorbent.

Cotton absorbs the sweat from the body. Hence, the rate of evaporation is faster. They give a cooling sensation to the body. Cotton is light in weight and helps bring a cooling sensation to the body.

Summer skirts can be styled in many ways.

There are different types of skirts that are available in materials like cotton and linen that make them perfect for summers. These skirts can be long, short, or medium in length. They can be worn with crop tops, sweatshirts, and sleeveless tops.

Short skirts- They can be worn with sweatshirts if one does not want a tan on their hands. Biker shorts can be worn inside for security and comfort reasons. Short skirts are best suited for children and young teens. They can be worn while playing badminton, walking, or running.

Medium-length skirts- They are skirts that reach the knee. These are generally worn by middle-aged women. They provide an airy and cooling sensation to the user. They can be worn with simple tees and flats and are perfect for evening walks.

Long skirts- They can be worn to casual outings. They are perfect for summer getaways and vacations. Older people wear dress skirts. These skirts can be styled with sunglasses and hats. They are the best and most comfortable skirts as they are lengthy and do not cause tanning on the legs.

Choose light summer skirts.

Heavy clothing like wool and leather traps heat and increases sweat and heat in the body. Skirts that are made up of cotton and linen help eliminate this problem. Moreover, clothes that are light in weight provide a breeze and allow air to penetrate the body.

Wear light colours

Dark colours like black and dark blue attract heat. Hence, people are advised to wear clothes that are light in colour like yellow, pale green, pink, etc. They do not attract heat and do not stick to the body. Moreover, such colours offer sun protection and are breathable.

Comfort is important

Skirts can be a little uncomfortable. So one should be careful when choosing the type of skirt. The length and the occasion to which a person is wearing the skirt are crucial in determining comfort. For instance, long skirts are suitable for vacations and not for playing badminton.

Some useful tips

  • Printed skirts can be worn with plain shirts to give a stylish appearance.
  • The material of the skirt should be sweat absorbent.
  • Try to wear cycling shorts or tights under skirts to provide comfort.
  • Choose flair skirts for maximum air circulation.
  • The type and length of skirts must be selected based on the occasion and a person’s body type.


Summer skirts can be bought both online and offline. They are widely worn in western countries. Women of all ages can wear skirts. However, the skirt’s material and length must be chosen correctly for the occasion.

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