Remedies To Get Rid Of Houseflies

Houseflies are common pests with single pair of wings and complex red eyes and are known to breed in garbage bins, on piles of rotten and decomposed food and faeces. Fly infestation is bad news, whether in your home or business place as they can spread germs that can cause dysentery, typhoid, TB, and cholera.

One effective way to get rid of houseflies is to ensure proper sanitation practices. However, if the infestation persists, it may be time to consider professional pest control services. Companies like Greenix Pest Control offer pest control services to help you get rid of pesky insects like houseflies

There are several natural ways to keep house flies out of your home, even if they can be extremely challenging to get rid of. However, putting up a fly screen is the best way to keep the flies away from entering your premises.

Where to get the best fly screen?

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They offer a range of screens including the magnetic fly screen, hinged, roller, horizontal sliding, and vertical sliding screens, to name a few. Their screens deliver years of exceptional performance with no expensive maintenance or cleaning cost.

Practical measures to keep the flies away

House flies can reproduce very quickly, so there are practical steps you can take to prevent them.

  • A thorough cleaning to get rid of breeding places.
  • Cover your food to prevent flies from landing on it and then feeding.
  • Wipe water and food spills without delay.
  • Removing any decomposed or decaying food, including fruits, meat, and vegetables.
  • Make sure to properly dispose of all food waste in a container with a lid.
  • Keep garbage cans outside with sealed lids, away from doors and windows.
  • Clean your pet poop immediately as faeces are a common breeding ground for flies.
  • Fruit flies eat overripe fruit, soft drink spills, and alcohol because they enjoy sweet foods and beverages.
  • Drain flies usually lay their eggs and breed in moist places so maintain cleanliness and dryness on your property and in the drains.
  • Close windows and doors after dark.
  • Dead flies should be removed since they can serve as a food supply for other pests like carpet beetles.
  • Use fly screens to keep these invaders away.

Home-made natural remedies to keep the flies away

Using homemade remedies can be a great way to naturally keep houseflies away from home.

  • Hang clothes with a few drops of eucalyptus oil on them near windows or doors.
  • Put mint on the kitchen window sills to keep the flies away.
  • Slice some fresh orange peel and put it on a plate.
  • Put citronella candles in the garden to keep flies at bay.
  • Plant flowers like marigolds, lavender, bay leaves, and catnip are believed to deter house flies.
  • The scent of pepper repels flies.
  • Mixing water and vinegar is one organic deterrent.

Whatever remedies you use, the fact is that putting up a fly screen turns out to be more beneficial at keeping away the flies from entering your home in the long term. Hence, get a fly screen for the doors and windows and stop these unhygienic pests from invading your home.

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