Handling Valentine’s Day After A Divorce 

The first valentine’s after a divorce is never easy, especially when you have been celebrating the day with your former spouse for years. You may see your friends and other family members go out on romantic dinner dates or holidays with their spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend, which might make you feel even more upset. However, your day does not have to be miserable. 

There are ways to cheer up and handle your emotions on the first valentine’s day after your divorce. You have two options– you either cry the entire day and feel sad about yourself or turn your negative emotions into positive ones. Needless to ask, anyone would prefer the second option. Meanwhile, if you need legal help with your divorce, speak to an attorney from Turco Legal, P.C. today. 

Tips for handling valentine’s day after a divorce 

  • Make the day special for your kids and pets. 

It is normal to feel even more heartbroken during valentine’s day, but you can always turn it around by celebrating with your children and pets. After all, your kids and pets are your loved ones as well, and valentine’s day is all about celebrating love. 

Moreover, it is essential to spend time with your kids because they also suffer through a divorce. This will show your kids that they are still crucial because divorce tends to make kids think that the separation happened because of them. 

  • Buy yourself flowers. 

Nobody said you need a husband or a boyfriend to get you flowers when you can buy them yourself. Flowers can brighten up even the darkest days and add color to your gray day. When you head out, stop at a flower shop and pick out a beautiful bouquet for yourself. Put them in a cute vase on your kitchen dining table or living room to remind yourself that you are worthy of love, regardless of whether you have a date on V-day. 

  • Spend time with friends, family, and loved ones. 

You do not have to spend the day alone at home, feeling miserable about yourself. You can always invite your best friends or favorite family members over, cook a nice lunch or dinner, play indoor games, and have fun. Spending time with those you love will help you ease feelings of loneliness or sadness that you might be feeling. You can also volunteer at a soup kitchen or work at an NGO to spend time helping people in need. 

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