Dividing Debt and Property During A Divorce 

A divorce can involve several essential factors. The foremost factor in a divorce is asset distribution. Often, a divorce verdict will affect the decisions and conditions regarding asset distribution. However, many people do not know how assets, debt, and property are divided after or during a divorce. 

It would be a must for you to be aware of the division of debt and property in a divorce. One can also consider contacting Karp & Iancu, S.C. for legal and professional help during the divorce. Dividing property can be a complex task requiring legal experts’ supervision. Hence, it is best to hire a lawyer during asset distribution. 

How can you divide debt and property?

  • Listing 

The first step is to list all your belongings and properties by working with your spouse. You should list all the items you own jointly, as the court will likely divide marital property among both spouses. You should also know that you cancan omit some things from the list if your spouse agrees. One can also leave personal belongings and items of nominal value from the list. 

  • Property 

Putting or getting to know the property’s value will be helpful in a divorce case when spouses go through property division. Both spouses should agree on the worth or amount by valuing a property. 

If the divorce case involves multiple properties, it could become for both spouses when dividing assets and property. For instance, if any item or property in the divorce case is difficult to put a value on, it would be in everyone’s best interest to contact a lawyer from Karp & Iancu. S.C.

  • Owner 

The next step in dividing debts and property in a divorce will be deciding on a logical owner. The spouse should go through the list by checking each item and determining whether the object, asset, or property is worth distributing in two. Such a step will give both spouses a clear idea before the court’s involvement. 

  • Court 

The court will generally approve the agreement decided by both spouses. If the spouses have not selected or agreed upon anything, the court will likely decide the terms of distribution. The court will mostly follow the concept of equitable distribution when dividing debts and property in a divorce case. 

As a result, it would be in the best interest of both spouses to hire a lawyer and seek their assistance in the distribution of property. These matters can be complicated and confusing for most people. Hiring a lawyer will ensure the smoothness of the process.

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