Are Carpenter Ants Different From Normal Ants? Learn The Truth!

Ants can be one of the most annoying pests that can be found in our house. Sometimes, you can try your best to get rid of them with DIY methods, but they will eventually find their way back to your house. 

While many people are aware that these ants can be harmful to humans in different ways, there are certain ants that have the potential to damage your home. These ants are known as carpenter ants. These ants may appear similar to the usual ants, but they have stronger chewing ability, which gives them the potential to damage your house and also promote carpenter ant infestation. 

If you suspect ants in your house, it is essential to take precautions and get them examined. A reliable Escondido pest control service can help by finding if the ants in your house are carpenter ants and also assist you in eliminating them permanently. 

Carpenter Ants Chew on Damp Wood

When we talk about carpenter ants, many people believe that they eat wood, considering the damage they house to housing furniture. However, that’s not the case. While these ants damage wood, they do not do it with the intention of eating. Instead, they chew damp wood to make a nest for their colonies. This is one of the reasons why you will always find carpenter ants causing damage to the wooden items in your house. 

Carpenter Ant bites are more painful than the normal ants

When you get bit by a normal ant, you might feel itchy and slight pain. Many people also tend to develop rashes and allergy to the usual ant bites. But the pain will usually fade away in a few hours or days. 

On the other hand, carpenter ants have a powerful bite. Since they do not have stingers like other ants, their bite is injected with formic acid. So, compared to the normal ants, you will feel intense pain on these ants. Remember, carpenter ant bites are rare, but if you ever get bitten by them, make sure you seek medical assistance from a doctor.

Getting rid of Carpenter Ants is not an easy task! 

Eliminating the normal ants can be easier compared to carpenter ants. They have a longer life span, so if you decide to kill one, you will gradually find another colony waiting to make its way to your house. Therefore, you must make sure you contact a professional pest control service that can examine the situation and proceed with extermination so they do not come back to your house. 

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